Nail Technician

Oksana, our seasoned nail genius at A Cut Above Salon and Spa! With an impressive 17-year career, she's not just a nail technician; she's an expert in the art of natural nail manicures and pedicures. Hailing from Ukraine, Oksana brought her expertise to the US in 2022, adding an international flair to our salon.

Owning her own nail salon in Ukraine for 8 years, Oksana is a Russian Manicure master, turning each nail service into a masterpiece. Beyond the nail station, she finds joy in the company of her mother and her friend Butters, the cat. Oksana adds a sweet touch to the salon, showcasing her baking skills and a determination to learn English.

While married with two adult children still in Ukraine, Oksana's heart stretches across continents. Step into Oksana's world for a nail experience that reflects not just skill, but also the rich tapestry of her international journey.

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