Dini, a seasoned hairstyling superstar at A Cut Above Salon and Spa! With a remarkable career spanning since 2005, she's been a cornerstone of our team since 2009. Dini brings a unique flair to the salon, boasting strong skills in razor cuts and the artistry of balayage.

Her passion for the hair industry goes beyond the chair, reflecting in every cut and color she creates. Outside the salon, Dini finds solace in the mountains, embracing the thrill of hiking and tending to her blooming flower garden. Family is at the heart of her world, where she shares precious moments with her husband and two children.

A delightful tidbit: Dini's name, Nandini, is of Indian origin, meaning "giver of bliss." It's a fitting reflection of the joy she brings to her craft and the lives she touches. Join Dini for a hairstyling journey that goes beyond the surface—it's an experience infused with passion, nature, and the blissful touch of artistry.

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