Nail Technician

Meet Emma, the nail maestro at A Cut Above Salon and Spa! With a dazzling 3-year tenure, she's not just a nail technician; she's an artist crafting beauty at your fingertips. Emma's passion shines brightest in her favorite service—natural nail manicures with builder gel, leaving your nails a work of art.

Beyond the salon, Emma is a nature enthusiast, finding joy in hiking and spending quality time with her loyal sidekick—her adorable dog. When not perfecting your nails, she's leveling up in the gaming world, showcasing a vibrant blend of creativity and tech-savvy skills.

Here's a quirky twist: Emma dreams of owning a reptile rehab one day, adding a unique touch to her fascinating story. Join Emma for an experience that goes beyond nails—it's a journey of art, adventure, and a sprinkle of reptilian dreams!

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