Meet Jennifer, a welcoming face at A Cut Above Salon and Spa! With over a year of experience as our receptionist, she thrives on the dynamic interactions with our diverse clientele. Jennifer's genuine curiosity about their lives adds a personal touch to every visit.

Outside the salon, Jennifer's passions blossom in her garden, where she nurtures her green thumb, and in the cozy embrace of knitting and reading. But it's her shared love of running with her son that truly sets her soul on fire. Together, they're training for a marathon and a triathlon, bonding over the joy of pushing their limits and achieving new milestones.

Married with two children, Jennifer's life is a beautiful tapestry of family, fitness, and the warmth of human connection. Join Jennifer for a salon experience that's not just about beauty—it's about sharing stories, forging connections, and embracing the journey of growth and discovery together.

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