Hairstylist/Nail Technician

Meet Karen, the seasoned veteran of style at A Cut Above Salon and Spa! With an impressive 34 years of experience, she's been an integral part of our family for 30 years, showcasing her talents as both a hairstylist and nail technician.

Karen thrives on the diversity of her craft, embracing the endless possibilities of cuts, colors, and nails. Beyond the salon, her heart belongs to her bustling household—her husband, four children, eight grandchildren, two dogs, and a parrot. But her adventures don't stop there.

When she's not perfecting her craft or enjoying family time, Karen is a free spirit, drawn to the open road on her motorcycle, camping under the stars, and soaking in the energy of live concerts. A unique passion sets her apart—her love for lighthouses. Karen has visited an impressive 42 lighthouses across the country, even enjoying the rare opportunity to stay in one for a week.

With a heart as vast as the ocean and a love for her work family and the industry, Karen's journey is a testament to the joy found in embracing every facet of life. Step into A Cut Above, where Karen's warmth and expertise create a salon experience that's truly extraordinary.

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